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Help Our Mission

Want to donate to SERVE 60? All donations go towards furthering the goals and missions of SERVE 60 and are greatly appreciated!


What We Do

SERVE 60™ is a national initiative and non-profit designed to increase service and volunteerism in America for at least 60 minutes at a time anytime throughout the year especially during Daylight Saving Time Weekends when we ask all Americans to donate the 60 minutes lost or gained to a non-profit or the community. Our website connects those who want to serve with those in need of volunteers. The website offers a searchable database of volunteer opportunities throughout the country by typing in your local zip code.

Our Mission

To create, develop and activate ideas, campaigns and events that encourage volunteerism and community service for at least 60 minutes at a time, anytime throughout the year but especially during Daylight Saving Time Weekends. Our efforts will focus on raising awareness and resources for nonprofits and causes by engaging individuals, groups, corporations and brands with an interest and passion in giving back, making a difference and improving their communities.

Issues We Focus On

While we would love to provide help within all areas of need, it takes time to create change. To help further our mission and make a meaningful impact we focus on five main areas of need:

  • Education, Literacy and Mentorship
  • Health Related Issues
  • Renewable Energy & The Environment
  • Hunger Relief
  • Poverty Relief & Sustainable Employment

I Pledge

SERVE 60™ launched its first campaign of 2011 entitled, “I Pledge”. A global campaign meant to inspire, motivate and serve as a “call to action” for individuals to volunteer for at least 60 minutes.

As pioneers of the “one hour volunteer” movement, SERVE 60™ hopes to prove that we can ALL make a difference by volunteering for just one hour….even if it’s only twice a year during Daylight Saving Time weekends.

We all live in a busy, hectic world that demands a great deal of our time, however, it is our hope that once you start volunteering, you will realize just how rewarding and easy it is to help others in our communities.

It’s not just a slogan. We truly believe the words… Change Your Clock. Change The World™.