“I Pledge”

I PledgeSERVE 60™ launched its first campaign of 2011 entitled, “I Pledge”. A global campaign meant to inspire, motivate and serve as a “call to action” for individuals to volunteer for at least 60 minutes.

As pioneers of the “one hour volunteer” movement, SERVE 60™ hopes to prove that we can ALL make a difference by volunteering for just one hour….even if it’s only twice a year during Daylight Saving Time weekends.

I PledgeWe all live in a busy, hectic world that demands a great deal of our time, however, it is our hope that once you start volunteering, you will realize just how rewarding and easy it is to help others in our communities.

It’s not just a slogan. We truly believe the words…Change Your Clock. Change The World™.

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