What We Do

About Us

SERVE 60™ is a national initiative and non-profit designed to increase service and volunteerism in America for at least 60 minutes at a time anytime throughout the year especially during Daylight Saving Time Weekends when we ask all Americans to donate the 60 minutes lost or gained to a non-profit or the community. Our website connects those who want to serve with those in need of volunteers. The website offers a searchable database of volunteer opportunities throughout the country by typing in your local zip code. The non-profit organization, SERVE 60™, functions similarly to an ad agency or marketing firm by creating, developing and activating civic marketing campaigns, community service projects, social impact programs and volunteer events. We are social entrepreneurs with a marketer's point of view. Our goal is to pioneer the “one hour volunteer” movement!

What We Do

SERVE 60™ is a non-profit organization that leverages time and ideas. Think “ad agency” meets “non-profit”. We have created a very specialized niche of community service, volunteer and cause related campaigns based on a 60 minute model. We create, develop, implement and activate campaigns and special events for our corporate and non-profit partners that strive to achieve the following:

  • increase awareness and resources for non-profits
  • engage corporate employees in volunteerism and community service
  • increase awareness and visibility of cause related campaigns
  • increase awareness of key social issue areas
  • engage consumers in volunteerism and community service

Our Mission

To create, develop and activate ideas, campaigns and events that encourage volunteerism and community service for at least 60 minutes at a time, anytime throughout the year but especially during Daylight Saving Time Weekends. Our efforts will focus on raising awareness and resources for non-profits and causes by engaging individuals, groups, corporations and brands with an interest and passion in giving back, making a difference and improving their communities.